Thursday, May 20, 2010

Trips in your "car" are "fun"

So this past weekend I hopped in the PT Cruiser (named Winfield) and Cruised up to NH. I had the radio blasting all the way, playing groovy 1960s music. So when I get to NH as I pull into the hotel parking lot, I turned the radio off. Immediately my keen senses (i.e., two ears) note that Winfield is going GrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRROAAANnngggrghgrgggh, especially when I turn the wheel (the turning of which I view as integral to the driving experience). The good thing about vacationing in an area you used to live in means you know where the services are located at. I went to the car repair shop I used to go to all the time in Exeter and they fit me in. Apparently the "bushings" were worn needed to be "replaced". The car guy said I would not be "killed" if I drove for a while with worn bushings, but I decided that I would have to take work time off anyway to get them fixed and it was probably safer to do it right then and there. Here is the conversation:

Car guy said: Your "bushings" are worn and need to be "replaced".
I said: How much?
Car guy: With labor and then an alignment, about $400.
I said: Uh, OK.
What I wanted to say: GAAAAH!!! WHYWHYWHYWHY!!!
What Winfield said: GrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRROAAANnngggrghgrgggh

So three hours and $400 later, I have lovely new NH bushings in the car.
Hooray! I went to New England and bought chowder and bushings! Not in that order!

Vacations are awesome.

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