Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Report on Hurricane Sandy....

….from a large tabby.
Cheddar the cat here.  So there was a big storm here over the past few days.  There is a lot of news coverage about the disaster but none of it focusing on cats!  Why is that????  I will now remedy that by describing the storm as experienced by me, CHED, Ace Reporter. 
On Sunday I am in the process of getting my solid 20 hours of daily sleep in, next to my Grampy and my brother.  But hark!  I hear noises of wind outside and my human running around inside going “Batteries!  Water!  Spaghettios! Ack!”  She is weird as I am assuming all human are.   They crack me up.
Oh man those winds are LOUD!  And stuff is hitting the house.  I hope the Petco and other cat food stores are OK. 

I distract myself from being scared by watching bird videos on YouTube…..
….playing with my brother……
…and strongly hinting, with my bro's help, to my human to give me even more food.  She is apparently too busy watching some sort of odd canoe show on TV.  Maybe a little less couch time, and more feeding the cats time!
  This hurricane never seems to end. Pffft.
At last the storm is over here.  Time to nap as I am exhausted and only got 19 hours of sleep yesterday.  My house is OK but I am very sad about all the damage everywhere in the Northeast and hope everyone and their pets are OK. 


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